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Your club will have a premier league experience with A&M. Because from our flawless photography to our unrivalled process, we always score highly.

✓ An easy process

✓ A cash boost

✓ Happy players and parents

Our outstanding process

We’ve developed a simple process that couldn’t be easier for you.

plan-1 All you have to do is set a date.Then we’ll come along and take the photographs. We shoot each team in all your age groups and take action shots for every player.Because we know exactly the type of images you and your players want, we’re highly efficient. So the photo shoot only takes around 15 minutes for each age group. Please note we NEVER take photographs during games.
plan-1 About two weeks after the shoot we’ll send you the sample packs to give out to the players.
When they place an order each player receives a FREE 12 x 9” print.
Parents can choose from a variety of sizes and high-quality products in different combinations.
And they order directly through us so you don’t have to deal with any cash or order forms.
Every week we’ll send you a spreadsheet so you can see how many orders have been placed and how much commission you can expect for your club.
plan-1 We send all completed orders to the club for parents to collect.


Exceptional benefits for you

See how much your club could raise

Blackburn Rovers FC £1,085
Gillingham FC £1,035
Reading FC £975
Swindon Town FC £1,346
Southend Utd FC £1,576
Cambridge Utd FC £1,035

Your club receives 25% commission on net sales.

It will help pay for your new strip, equipment or travel
costs. Whatever your club needs, our fantastic offer will help you reach your goal.



You get a 16 x 12” team photo for all your age groups AND a CD of your club’s images for unlimited use in your own marketing. FREE.

Which means you have the most professional photographs for your website, your publications and to raise your club’s profile.


Give your club the advantage. Call us today on 07968 424226 or email andrew@amphotography.info.

With A&M on your team, you can’t lose
A & M Sports Photography Brochure download



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